I Saw It On TV And Decided To Try


Sure it tastes a little gross, but keto-works so well it’s worth it
🤢💪 I’m starting to look malnourished already my friends say lol 😅 and it’s only been a few weeks

Lack of time is the biggest problem and the most common excuse to make a decision to do something for your health with a regular and balanced diet. Planning and preparing meals in advance will save you a lot of time and money. The benefits are multiple, and above all, the fact is that you will prepare your own nourishing and delicious meals for five working days. When that feeling of hungry dragon appears, you will not move for instant solutions.

It is not necessary to emphasize that instead of buying fast foods, greasy pastries or sandwiches stored at a faster rate, what you cooked yourself, divided into portions and deposited in the fridge. This is also a great way to get rid of excess pounds. To do this effectively, here’s a five-step guide.


You are not expected to spend the whole day in the kitchen and it’s important that you organize yourself. Choose a way to prepare meals.

  • Prepare different combinations of smaller pieces of meat and vegetables in the oven. The advantage is that it is baked together at the same temperature.
  • In the pot, cook delicious and generous dishes like sarme, goulash, kari, dense soup …
  • Separate the hook in a way that suits you, and later serve them with salad, cheese or some other ingredient. The same goes for a short dough.


Birate dishes of various flavors and composition. For the entire working week, there are three dishes from the pot and two combinations from the oven. Combine the hooks separately, in a way that suits you.


It is cooked faster when all foods are already in the house. Therefore, as soon as you plan on what to cook for the next five working days, review supplies and make a shopping list. Keep this list because the savings are significant.


You do not have to spend more than two hours in the kitchen. Clean vegetables, cut meat, and first place the dishes that are cooked longer, let them in the oven, let them in the pot.


Place evening meals in glass containers or jars, and pack foods that you take to work pack into plastic plastic containers as they are much easier. Select containers with a good closing system. In the absence of space in the fridge or freezer, use bags with a zipper. Most dishes can stand for five days in the refrigerator, and the more sensitive you put into the freezer.

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