Holly’s Mom is shocked!


The recent revelation had her whole family worried sick. “This might end her career you know..” She said.

I usually take a walk in the woods to gather the thoughts a bit grand and yesterday when I was out I saw something that glimpsed between the trees.

At first, I thought it was a deer, they are quite common here with us, but it was something that didn’t fit right. It was the wrong shape and the wrong size.

I stopped and picked up my binoculars as quietly as I could and looked at it and what I saw gave me shivers throughout the body! A lynx came walking between the trees, and he had not seen me or felt the smell of me so I could stand and watch for a good while.

Suddenly he looked straight at me. I got eye contact through the binoculars and we looked at each other in what felt like an eternity. And then he was gone.

I barely saw which direction he disappeared, so fast he was the little kitty! It is not every day you have to see such a beautiful cat out in the wild and I will carry with me the memory forever I believe.

I am so glad that I have bought myself a good binoculars so I could get close contact, without being close to real. I wish I had had the camera with me to take a picture too, but you have to settle for that little one. I just hope he doesn’t get too close to home and argue with our cats

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